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I have had enough of the belittling of stay at home parents

You know, I have had quite enough of people telling me that I am "just" a stay at home mom. That it is my "job". That I am lesser because I do not get a pay check.

I am sick of being told that my husband is entitled to all the sleep he wants because he has to be up for work everyday. Apparently I am just expected to function as a zombie everyday with a big smile on my face and showcasing brilliant patience.

I am tired.

On average, I spend about 18 hours a day being a single parent. Meaning, I am the sole caretaker of my children's physical and mental health until my husband gets home from work. Usually he is home by 4pm and then he will shower and get his lunch ready for the next day. I will make dinner, often times while still tending to the baby. After dinner, I am usually on clean up patrol. Meaning clean up the table and clean up the children. After bath time, we usually congregate in our room on the bed. Watching a show or two, watching Pickle play with to…
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We are all mad here

Excuse me while I rant for a minute. I am my own worse critic. I know that I am not a super model. I know that I am fat. I know I have a bad temper sometimes. I know some days I am a basket case. There isn't anything someone could say about me that I don't already know. I over analyze every single thing that I say and do. I imagine so many what if's in a day it makes my head spin. Some days I have a hard time putting myself together. Every day I feel like I don't really know what I am doing with life. Does anyone ever have their shit together every single minute of every single day? I think not. So while I can sit here and imagine all the what if's that will transform me into the person my mind thinks I should be, I also know there are good things about me too. I don't need someone telling me my faults because, trust me, I already know. Why can't people just let others be happy? We all know our own faults and probably dislike ourselves more than our own w…

Top 5 Thing You Should Be Cleaning

I don't know about anyone else, but having a clean home just makes me feel better. Part of keeping things clean means maintaining the machines that you use. So with that said here are my top 5 things you should be cleaning that tend to get overlooked.

Numbero Uno - The dryer lint trap

Every dryer has a lint trap. First and foremost that should be cleaned out after every use. If you do not clean this out regularly the lint builds up and becomes hazardous. Too much lint mixed with the heat of the drum can cause a fire. On my dryer the lint trap is on the inside of the door. Some models have a lint trap on the top of the dryer with a screen that you pull out. Cleaning the screen off is step 1. However, it is the second step that many people tend to either forget or not think of. Every month I like to take my lint trap vent off (there are a couple of screws for mine) and use the vacuum hose and vacuum out all of the lint that is inside of the dryer itself. Not only is it hazardous for…

Easter "basket" Ideas

I know the holiday has already come and gone, but I thought I would share what I did this Easter for my children's "baskets". This year I knew I wanted to do something different. Of course, how can you not want to do something different when you spend a lot of time on Pinterest searching for ideas (breastfeeding past time)?  This year my children were almost 4 years old and 3 months old at the time of Easter. I knew I did not want to have a large basket of candy left for my son because he is a chocoholic. I also wanted to find things that were going to be more useful than little dollar hot spot toys that I was going to wind up throwing away within a couple of weeks. I also knew I wanted somethings that could be used outside as he loves being outdoors. So for his "basket" I went with the umbrella idea from Pinterest.
We opened the umbrella and put all of his items inside of it. Which actually was not as easy as it might look because it is not a flat and stable b…

Why Doesn't My Husband Lactate?

Let me start by saying that I know I am grateful to have the life that I do. I know there are many parents out there wishing that they could stay home with their children everyday instead of sending them to daycare.

Being a stay at home parent is exhausting. It is the most rewarding and exhausting thing that I have ever experienced. The days start to blur together because the days never seem to come to an end. Going into having our second child I knew things were going to change again, but I do not think you can fully prepare for this. When you have one child the whole "sleep when the baby sleeps" thing sort of works. When you have more than one child, that just simply is not the case. Even when both kids are sleeping, I find that I am not because that is the only time I have to myself without someone needing something from me. I end up staying up way too late trying to just relax in the quiet. The mornings are a real struggle around here.

On a typical night I get about 3-6 …

I Can't Do It All

I cannot speak for everyone, but I feel that as a stay at home mom, wife, and student that there are not enough hours in the day. Every night I go to bed thinking about a million things. The never ending things on my to do list that I never even got to start. Between making meals, wiping butts, breastfeeding, cuddling and trying to get the baby to nap, wiping up messes, doing the dishes, feeding the animals, letting the dog in and out, constantly being asked for snacks and drinks (even after being told that they are too full to finish a meal), and tantrums I find that there is not a lot of time left in the day. Not enough time to do all the things I wanted to when the day began; technically before the day even began. I usually have a mental to do list that I want to accomplish the next day. The last week or so I have been making a to do list on a piece of paper. I have come to find that the only ones that get accomplished are the ones that I do everyday regardless, like the dishes.

I h…

I want to remember

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the memories that I have of myself growing up and all the things I can possibly remember. The good and the bad memories. I feel like I am beginning to forget more and more of the little things and I really don't want to.

For instance, I was bathing our 3 month old daughter. My husband had yet to give her a bath since she was born because he was afraid of something going wrong. I can't blame him. Anyways, I asked him if he remembered bathing our son when he was a baby. He said he couldn't really remember. I also could not remember something as simple as how, where, and when we bathed our son as a baby. Now this is only nearly 4 years since the fact. How can we forget something like that? 4 years really is not that long. At least it doesn't seem like it's that long when your child is growing right in front of your eyes and it seems like just the other day you were bringing him home from the hospital.

I don't want to forget …